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Coal Giant Peabody Energy's Spends Millions on Lobbying US Government

St. Louis-based coal company Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU) has seen its stock price plummet since 2011, but that has not stopped the company from spending big dollars on lobbyists to work over politicians and government officials in Washington, DC.

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Waxman-Markey climate bill a wish list for Duke Energy?

While it's a sad fact that corporate and industry interests regularly write the basis for much of our Federal legislation, there has been some impressive political maneuvering from the coal and utility industry around the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act. In many ways, the ACES bill reads like a wish list for the coal

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Upstaging Duke Energy’s Greenwashing Coal Antics

North Carolina Mobilizing against Big Coal
Yesterday, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers spoke at the 6th annual Sustainable Energy Conference in Raleigh to promote Duke’s clean energy agenda which includes building a dirty coal plant in Cliffside, North Carolina.

That doesn’t sound like “clean energy” to me.

A lot of other people in North Carolina agree.
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EPA Puts out a “Clarification” on Mountaintop Removal Permits

Reviewing Permits, Not Putting a Moratorium on Them
Just to clarify, the EPA is “reviewing” hundreds of mountaintop removal permits, no moratorium. The media stories that came out about were so overstated that the EPA put out another press release today.

Here’s a clip of it. Pay close attention to the bolded part. Not what we want to hear.
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Facing Down King Coal in Court

Temporary Restraining Order extended to "associates" on Coal River Mountain
In the past couple of weeks, Massey Energy has put a restraining order on Mike Roselle, Rory McIlmoil and their associates for repeated direct actions on Coal River Mountain.  The mining company is in the process of destroying the mountain and activists have put their bodies on the line various times to stop the blasting of the mountain.  
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Beyond the Capitol Climate Action

Join the No Coal Movement this Spring
I spent the past few months (the last two weeks in Washington D.C.) working with an incredible group of organizers, trainers and activists on the Capitol Climate Action.  On Monday, after a greatly successful weekend of outreach and training (our buildup trained almost 2,000 people in NVDA tactics) at Powershift, we turned out 3,000+ students, environmentalists, people of faith, frontline community members and many others to risk arrest at the Capitol Power Plant.  
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