Roanoke Times: Clean Coal is an oxymoron

Clean coal is an oxymoron. No kidding.

A great editorial this morning in Vermont's Roanoke Times on the idea of investing millions in clean coal technology and carbon capture and storage, when more affordable and proven renewable technologies are already further along in development and will be the answer to America's energy woes in the long term.

The editorial rightly concludes that:

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Carbon Capture and Storage, Clean Coal far from ready- Industry agrees

CEO's of Southern Co and Duke Energy among others admit CCS is far from ready for primetime.

There is a lot of skepticism of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology out there, but now even the industry is admitting that the technology is far from ready. E&ENews reporter Kathering Ling recently wrote on the annual meeting for Edison Electric Institute (EEI). David Ratcliffe, CEO Southern Company was quoted saying the following:

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IEA Report: More than a trillion dollars needed to "decarbonise" coal in the next 40 years

A new report by the International Energy Agency released today concludes that we will need to invest well over $1 trillion in the next 40 years to make coal-fired generation plants climate friendly.

The report's lead author, Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, states that:

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Carbon Capture and Storage: A Coal and Electricity Industry Pipedream

The bottom line is that Carbon Capture and Storage is not ready for prime time

Well they’re at it again.

The coal industry has found yet another way to greenwash coal as an environmentally sound source of electricity through a concept called, “Carbon Capture and Storage” (or Sequestration), CCS.

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Carbon Capture and Storage is a Myth

Top 5 Reasons Carbon Capture

and Storage is a Myth

#1: CCS cannot deliver in time to avoid dangerous climate change

The earliest possibility for deployment of CCS on a large commercial scale is not expected before 2030. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) does not expect CCS to be commercially viable until at least 2050.