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Putting lipstick on the coal pig

When people argue that the use of coal and other fossil fuels is still cheaper than renewable energy they usually (and conveniently) fail to mention the external costs of fossil fuels that aren't factored into the price of burning of these dirty fuels.

On the Wall Street Journal's Environment Capital blog today there's a great post explaining how:

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Joe The Spinner And His Clean Coal Merry-Go-Round

Joe Lucas of the ACCCE takes us for a ride on National Public Radio

Last night, I saw a great new television ad that told the truth about clean coal - that is, it emphasized that clean coal does not exist. The ad was launched by Al Gore's new "Reality Campaign", which is an effort by multiple environmental groups to expose the myth of clean coal.

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Climate Camp: Answering The Call To Action

So, have you heard about Climate Camp? It's a name that's making news, and if you happen to be on the British side of the pond, you can join up activists from all walks of life to raise awareness about that dirty, dirty energy source known as coal. Greenpeace UK tells us:

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Desert Rock Coal Plant Update: Permit To Pollute

Greetings from the Land Of Enchantment! It's been a pretty hot summer here in New Mexico. The federal government has just declared most of our counties drought disaster areas. Yes, we're definitely feeling the effects of global warming here in the American Southwest.

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Kentucky Coal to Liquid Investment a Desperate Time for America

Plans for a $4 billion coal to liquid fuel plant in Kentucky have been unveiled today, spelling a new low-point in the US addiction to dirty energy.

The idea of converting coal to liquid fuel (known as coal-to-liquids or CTL) is not new.

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